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On Sun, Jun 17, 2012 at 09:04:28PM +0300, Dan Kenigsberg wrote:
> Hi!
> tomorrow I would like to discuss:
> - the abysmal review condition of the rest api patches

Ryan + Adam: future of vdsm API. Saggi is going to send his proposal.

> - vdsm status for ovirt-3.1
>   I know networking requires a heavy cherry-pick from upstream. There
>   is probably more.
>   Everybody invited to care for vdsm bugs that blocks Bug 822145 -
>   Tracker: oVirt 3.1 release.

Adam to add blocking bugs to the tracker.

> - plenty pep8 patches applied, but there is plenty more.

> - Patches with pending verification. I see 11 of those now
>   Please do not send your patches out to the cold and desert them there.
>   Pet them, nag folks to review and verify them, and rebase (only!) when
>   required.

e.g. should be rebased

> - Your issue comes here (or above, if it's more urgent).

Ryan: would like to see Gal's commits in Gerrit. I think it's in
      Gerrit-2.5. Hopefully we can upgrade soon. Itamar?

Ayal: suggest to separate +2 and push rights in Gerrit. This will help
      in prolifirating +2, while maintaining code coherence.
Danken: Fine by me, we'd need the help of our Gerrit master, Itamar.

Federico: suggests to not rebase on top of master branch, but only on top of
          your topic branch. this does not clear the grades of untouched

Saggi: crab-rpc still out. Danken: I have few non-blocking comments to
       it. The problem is that it sits unverified.

Adam: Wants to formalize the content of vm.create params dictionary and
      similar elemets of the API.

Deepack: please review libstorage writeup. Saggi, Adam: will do.
Deepack: is there an irc bot logging #vdsm? No but I'd love if you
         configure one ;-)
Deepack to research if there's an available bot to do this. It can be
        run on a private server, and then post to somewhere like

See you in two weeks!

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