On 06/18/2012 05:24 PM, Dan Kenigsberg wrote:
Ryan: would like to see Gal's commits in Gerrit. I think it's in
       Gerrit-2.5. Hopefully we can upgrade soon. Itamar?

we don't have to wait to 2.5.
we are waiting for someone to test 2.4.1 and give their blessing so we'll upgrade to it (i.e., we'll backport it to 2.4.1)
previously, attila and eyal did this.
attila/eyal - can you upgrade some server to 2.4.1 and test for a few days for sanity so we'll upgrade ovirt's gerrit?

Ayal: suggest to separate +2 and push rights in Gerrit. This will help
       in prolifirating +2, while maintaining code coherence.
Danken: Fine by me, we'd need the help of our Gerrit master, Itamar.

just send me the list of +2 people.
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