I am working on a VDSM standalone script that is using PosixFS inteface to mount gluster volume
& trying to create a volume (file) inside the storage domain.

Snip of the code is below...

sizeGiB = 4

tid = vdsOK(s.createVolume(sdUUID, spUUID, imgUUID, sizeGiB,
                           RAW_FORMAT, PREALLOCATED_VOL, LEAF_VOL,
                           volUUID, "glustervol",
                           BLANK_UUID, BLANK_UUID))['uuid']
waitTask(s, tid)

But the file size created is not 4G, its 8K as seen below...

qemu-img info /rhev/data-center/mnt/kvmfs01-hs22:dpkvol/f0443ec4-3c94-49c9-a239-797562ee4926/images/073b3309-e4cd-4b6c-978e-5744a9afb8b7/c8c4f92e-818d-433a-b013-b0060cd7cc87 image: /rhev/data-center/mnt/kvmfs01-hs22:dpkvol/f0443ec4-3c94-49c9-a239-797562ee4926/images/073b3309-e4cd-4b6c-978e-5744a9afb8b7/c8c4f92e-818d-433a-b013-b0060cd7cc87
file format: raw
virtual size: 2.0K (2048 bytes)
disk size: 8.0K

It should have created a raw file of size 4G, but its not.
Wondering if the sizeGiB argument is not in GB but somethign else ?


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