Everything that isn't marked as WIP is ready for same hard-core review and 
commit action.

The WIP parts are a bit rough around the edges expect:
* Typos 
* spelling errors 
* grammar errors
* Functions that are remnants of attempts which proved problematic
* Lack of code reuse
* Old docstrings that are no longer correct
* Dragons

A few notes:
* I call the new storage domains "image repositories" because I think it 
creates less confusion and ambiguity.
* VirtualDisks are writable entities you can run a VM off, snapshots a read 
only entities you can make Virtual Disks from. Images are a name for both disks 
and snapshots.
* Only localfs is somewhat supported
* The Image manipulation code is working and you can create images and 
snapshots to your hearts delight. It might even work!.
* The check process detects all tree issues but there are only fixes for 
orphaned tags and volumes meaning you will be able to clean whole tree.
* The APIs are not final
* Documentation is sparse

I'm trying to make all this code separate from the regular VDSM core so we can 
push it in even though it's not perfect and slowly build up from that.

The biggest problem with integration is not having the blockdev feature in qemu 
and libvirt.
This means that running more the one VM which use the same snapshot might 
corrupt the qcow file.

If anyone wants to help find me on #VDSM @ freenode and we'll coordinate 

My current TODO list:
1. XML-RPC API integration
--- Could be pushed in from this point on, as an experimental API
2. nfs repo engine (will introduce sanlock to the mix)
3. clustered-lvm repo engine (Will introduce SRM)
4. Tasks
--- I expect to have the Most of the API finalized here
5. Fix operations (merging, conversions)
6. Live snapshot
7. Live Merge
8. Live Storage Migration
9. Profit?
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