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On 07/15/2012 01:53 AM, Ayal Baron wrote:
> Hi all,
> Sorry for cross-posting, but in this case I think it's relevant.
> The original idea was that every time we wish to discuss a new
> cross-component feature we should do it over arch list. However, it
> would appear that de-facto usually engine-devel and vdsm-devel are
> being used (cross posted). Currently engine-devel has 211
> subscribers, arch has 160 and vdsm-devel has 128 so from this
> perspective again, arch seems less relevant. I propose we ditch
> arch and keep the other 2 mailing lists. I'm not sure whether new
> cross-component features should be discussed solely on engine-devel
> or cross-posted (there are probably people who wouldn't care about
> engine side but would still like to know about such changes).
> Thoughts?

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I don't normally read engine-devel and vdsm-devel, so I hadn't noticed
that discussions I would expect to be on arch@ are not happening here.
I'm probably not the only person in that situation.

If this project were 100% about Engine and VDSM, then I could
understand your reasoning. But we've already added a few new
incubating projects, we have subsystem teams such as documentation and
infrastructure, and we all need a single location where we know we can
reach *all* contributors to this project.

If we try to force all that discussion on to engine-devel, not
everyone would be interested. There is enough on engine-devel that is
not general interest that it would become noise (as it has for me, so
I filter it) or people would drop it all together.

Perhaps what we need to do is have the discipline to cross-post *all*
general interest discussions from the project mailing list back to
arch@? Enforce the rule that decisions that affect the whole project
have to be ratified on arch@ instead of whatever project list the
discussions started on? Strongly suggest that all contributors be on
arch@ and announce@ as a minimum?

I'm sure there are open source projects that don't have a general
interest contributor list, preferring to run all that discussion on a
technical-focused list. But I don't recommend it. It's the kind of
thing that repels contributors who don't want to sort through deep
developer discussions just to find out what is generally going on.

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