Hi, I would just like to push a few notes to people modifying autoconf\automake 

Please make sure the lists are sorted. Sorted lists are easier to skim and 
Also, unsorted lists are known to make Federico sad, and we all want to keep 
him happy because he is a pretty swell guy and the one that we actually have to 
thank for the amazing build system.

Also please make sure to add the $(NULL) item so when auto sorting you don't 
need to check if you need to add\remove a backslash.

   A \
   B \
   C \

If you are using vim you could just mark all the lines an run ":<>!sort" to 

Also, when adding a file to the PEP_WHITELIST, check if you can just mark the 
entire directory instead of the individual file.

Remember, cleanliness is next to godliness.
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