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> > Sent: Wednesday, August 1, 2012 8:59:14 AM
> > Subject: Host network management roadmap inquiry


> > quantum
> > Both the plugins openvswitch and linuxbridge stores abstract network
> > entities (network, port) in database and create bridge/vlan via the
> > tool ip/brctl or ovs-vsctl on demand. Only one bridge is created on
> > one server and one vlan is created for each virtual network. That
> > means that only one nic can be configured for vm network. It doesn't
> > configure nic or bond even if openvswitch also supports bond. Both
> > of traditional network stack configuration and quantum will be
> > supported oVirt for different purpose, right?
> good place to start :

besides these Quantum specific informations I'd also like to discuss
where oVirt is going wrt to networking.
Quantum is sure a nice solution for a project wide solution, but how can
or should this be integrated into the underlying components like vdsm or

From a Node pov (feature as well as implementation wise) it is quite
interesting if we should switch to openvswitch (which can then in turn
used by quantum [via vdsm?]) or keep the linux bridge stuff.

There are also efforts on it's way (like teaming, the F17 feature) which
we should keep an eye on, as this seems to land in network manager as an
alternative(?) to the default bonding. It's also interesting how this
performs with openvswitch.

Many changes on many sides and we should lay out the path a bit to find
a direction where to go.
There is already

which we could use to summarize the needed features, potential
techniques and an over all plan.


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