On 08/08/2012 08:48 AM, Dan Kenigsberg wrote:
On Wed, Aug 08, 2012 at 07:47:02AM -0400, Robert Middleswarth wrote:
I have setup patch review on Jenkins.info for newly submitted
patches and it seems to be working pretty well over all but last
night well tweaking the process I broken it for a few min but that
was long enough that about 50 jobs were marked -1 I will be fixing
that today by rerunning the jobs.  I am sorry if one of your patches
was dinged and it should be fixed by this time tomorrow.
Thanks, Robert, for working on this. It is highly important for me to
know that something is going to break the build before taking it in.

However, would it be possible to have a repository where we can review
the code of the robot?
It is the Jenkins Gerrit Tigger bot direct from jenkins-ci.org that is running the same unit jenkins has been running just against new patches.
I think it is important for the robot to be less noisy, and
particularly, never give V+1.
Already adjusted new runs will give -1 for fail but 0 for success going forward. There were about 400 jobs/patches it gave +1 to if needed those can be re-run please let me know is this is required.
  This task is reserved to humans that
actually know what the patch should be doing.
Also, I am not at all sure that the robot is limitting itself to be
running code of trustworthy authors.
That is correct the reason there were some fails last night was my attempt to add in the limit and I broke things for a few min. I have already tested all the logic and should be in place by the end of today.



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