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* Itamar Heim <ih...@redhat.com> [2012-08-01 08:27]:
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* Eyal Edri <ee...@redhat.com> [2012-07-18 11:59]:
I'm in favor on doing it next monday.
(not too healthy to do upgrades before the weekend...).

We'll need to send email to rhev-devel + qe for an estimated downtime of 1 hour 
for gerrit.eng.lab.tlv.redhat.com.

Any update?

I've sent an update earlier today to infra that i'm planning to
upgrade gerrit to 2.4.2 coming sunday.
after a few days of a clean upgrade, I'll do the patched version of it.

How'd the upgrade go?  any ETA for when the patched version will show

too early to say - gerrit already required a restart today after hanging.
Gal already created a patched version for me to deploy, but i want
to see the gerrit behavior for a few more days before i apply it.
(btw, i think gerrit 2.5 has some improvements over the original
patches (like max size, etc.), but we'll wait with them for 2.5 i

How's gerrit behaving?  Ready for the patched version?

Any update?


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