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I'm in favor on doing it next monday.
(not too healthy to do upgrades before the weekend...).

We'll need to send email to rhev-devel + qe for an estimated downtime of 1 hour 
for gerrit.eng.lab.tlv.redhat.com.

Any update?

I've sent an update earlier today to infra that i'm planning to
upgrade gerrit to 2.4.2 coming sunday.
after a few days of a clean upgrade, I'll do the patched version of it.

How'd the upgrade go?  any ETA for when the patched version will show

too early to say - gerrit already required a restart today after hanging.
Gal already created a patched version for me to deploy, but i want
to see the gerrit behavior for a few more days before i apply it.
(btw, i think gerrit 2.5 has some improvements over the original
patches (like max size, etc.), but we'll wait with them for 2.5 i

How's gerrit behaving?  Ready for the patched version?

Any update?


The one morning I don't look at my gerrit email and indeed it is.
Thanks for getting this working!

Did we look at getting replies to the emails showing up as comments?

not yet. much more complex and no cycles for this right now.

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