On 08/22/2012 12:03 AM, Deepak C Shetty wrote:
On 08/22/2012 07:40 AM, Robert Middleswarth wrote:
On 08/14/2012 04:54 AM, Deepak C Shetty wrote:
On 08/14/2012 12:52 PM, Deepak C Shetty wrote:
On 08/14/2012 11:13 AM, Robert Middleswarth wrote:
After a few false starts it looks like we have per patch testing
working on VDSM, oVirt-engine, oVirt-engine-sdk and
oVirt-engine-cli.  There are 3 status a patch can get.  1) Success -
Means the patch ran though the tests without issue.  2) Failure -
Means the tests failed.  3) Aborted - Generally means the submitter
is not in the whitelist and the tests were never run.  If you have
any questions please feel free to ask.

So what is needed for the submitted to be in whitelist ?
I once for Success for few of my patches.. then got failure for some
other patch( maybe thats due to the false starts u had) and then for
the latest patch of mine, it says aborted.

So not sure if i am in whitelist or not ?
If not, what do i need to do to be part of it ?
If yes, why did the build abort for my latest patch ?

Pls see http://gerrit.ovirt.org/#/c/6856/
For patch1 it says build success, for patch 2, it says aborted.. why ?

All the abort means as a protective measure we don't run the tests unless we know the committer. With that said you are now in the whitelist so it shouldn't be an issue in the feature.

Thanks for putting me in the whitelist.
But it still doesn't clarify how patch 1 got build success and subsequent patch 2 had abort ?

Patch 1 happened in the small window well I was testing before the whitelist went live. Patch 2 happened after the whitelist went live. Since you are now in the whitelist all new patches for you will run.

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