Today we had a quiet, civilized, meeting where the following points were

- For a week, I've missed a report by Itzik about vdsm starting to send
  <feature><acpi/> tag to libvirt when asked to.
  Could this be related to or ?
  I suppose not, but maybe the authors can help me understand what's going on

- Robert: about to release a Jenkins job, that compiles rpm per patch, to help
  people test patches.

- Federico: agrees to look into why we get fishy

  Exception RuntimeError: RuntimeError('cannot notify on un-acquired lock',) in 
<module 'threading' from '/usr/lib64/python2.7/threading.pyc'> ignored

  messages from the unit tests, even though it is not due to his recent RLock

- Adam: libvdsm still has few shortcomings; plans to enumerate known issue by
  tomorrow, and push to the world. Asks that Federico reviews his autobuild

- Saggi: when that's out, will work on Java binding for the benefit of Engine.
  Dan: we must get Engine's consent for libvdsm.

- We need to set the priorities for ovirt-3.2 release, planned for November, to
  fit into Fedora 19. Adam and Dan thinks that libvsdm is high on that list.

- Deepack: requests review for his gluster work

- Adam: mom integration: VMs are to have policy tags, such as
  Gold/ Silver/ Bronze to be enforced by MoM.

- Robert: should we auto-test mom? Adam to add `make check` with basic stuff
  such as pyflakes.

- Dan: should we abandon old patches? Federico: no, people may want they
  Work-in-Progress patches to stay around and inspire others. A nag mail
  for a patch that is not abandoned and not advancing anywhere is more

  If someone has some time to put into gerrit scripting, I won't mind to
  see such a nag bot. It would help we separate important patches that
  were somehow forgotten by their author/reviewers and stuff that should
  probably be recycled.

- I'm pretty sure we had more participants, and more issues raised.
  Please send a patch to this email with corrections/ additions.


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