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Itamar Heim has posted comments on this change.

Change subject: Add uploadIso API call for pushing ISOs into an active 
iso_domain via pool

Patch Set 1:

how would this work for anyone using vdsm api remotely?

The wget method supports remote acquisition.

so how would a remote action would look like exactly?
say, ovirt engine uploading the image over the api?
or just a remote user - the wget would happen on vdsm rather than on
the node? usually when uploading the client has the access to the
image uploaded and it is passed over the api to the target?

You confuse me a bit with saying 'vdsm rather than on the node' as my
understanding is that vdsm *is* on the node.

indeed - s/node/client/

Here's how I see it working, and you can tell me if I've missed

The uploadIso takes a pool UUID which if Active and has an ISO domain,
the vdsm end-point accepting the uploadIso request will have the iso
domain mounted (whether or not the storage is remote or local) in which
case the wget of the remote ISO write out into isoprefix location.

which means vdsm needs to access the iso, rather than the client.
so the client can't really upload an iso which is accessible to the
client this way?

Client pushing in a localfile, no, but I could see about adding that if
that makes this more useful.

the main use case i see for this is an end user that wants to upload the image. users authenticate and communicate mostly with ovirt engine, not directly to hosts (they do for spice, and we will remove that via a proxy as well).

any thoughts on how to solve this use case?

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