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> Zhou Zheng Sheng has posted comments on this change.
> Change subject: faqemu: remove the fake /dev/kvm after vdsmd stops
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> Patch Set 1:
> Thanks very much Ryan. If it is a bug of Fedora and is not easily to
> fix quickly, then this patch is useful. To avoid the race, could vdsm
> create the /dev/kvm when it starts and delete when it stops? These two
> actions can be injected using hooks.

Replying via email as I can't quote or reply to your comment in gerrit.

I have to admit I didn't notice this was a hook on vdsmd exit; as it, no
more vms will be running.

I was concerned about removing it between VM starts/stops.

I actually think removing on vdsmd shutdown is file.  Looking at your
code as well, we rightly only remove /dev/kvm if it is a file, rather
than a char device.

I'll update my comments and review in gerrit.


Thanks for finding out the udev issue; I may yet submit a fix for that;
it's likely to be a debatable issue on how udev should handle existing
files in /dev.

yes, nested is much cooler, but I have hosts which do not have
kernels new enough to run nested (see RHEL6.x) so faqemu is still

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