If you are trying to run sanlock on fedora and you get this error:

Sep 23 11:26:56 dhcp-XX-XX.tlv.redhat.com sanlock[7083]: 2012-09-23 
11:26:56+0200 37014 [7083]: wdmd connect failed for watchdog handling

You need to do this:

# unload softdog if it's running
rmmod softdog
# Check if there are residual watchdog files under /dev and remove them
rm /dev/watchdog*
# reload the softdog module
modprobe softdog
# make sure the file is named /dev/watchdog
mv /dev/watchdog? /dev/watchdog
# set the proper selinux context
restorecon /dev/watchdog
# restart wdmd
systemctl restart wdmd.service
# restart sanlock
systemctl restart sanlock.service
# Profit!
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