Hi everyone,
As you know vdsm has hooks mechanism and we already support dozen of hooks for 
different needs.
Now it's a network's time.
We would like to get your comments regarding our proposition for network 
related hooks.

In general we are planning to prepare framework for future support of bunch 
network related hooks.
Some of them already proposed by Itzik Brown [1] and Dan Yasny [2].

Below you can find the additional hooks list that we propose:

Note: In the first stage we can implement these hooks without any parameters, 
just to provide an entry point
 for simple hooks.

Networks manipulation:
- before_add_network(conf={}, customProperty={})
- after_add_network(conf={}, customProperty={})
- before_del_network(conf={}, customProperty={})
- after_del_network(conf={}, customProperty={})
- before_edit_network(conf={}, customProperty={})
- after_edit_network(conf={}, customProperty={})

Bondings manipulations:
- before_add_bond(conf={}, customProperty={})
- after_add_bond(conf={}, customProperty={})
- before_del_bond(conf={}, customProperty={})
- after_del_bond(conf={}, customProperty={})
- before_edit_bond(conf={}, customProperty={})
- after_edit_bond(conf={}, customProperty={})

General purpose:
- before_persist_network
- after_persist_network

Now we just need to figure out the use cases.

Your input more than welcome...

[1] http://gerrit.ovirt.org/#/c/7224/   - Adding hooks support for NIC hotplug
[2] http://gerrit.ovirt.org/#/c/7547/   - Hook: Cisco VM-FEX support

    Igor Lvovsky
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