On 10/15/2012 03:52 PM, Peter V. Saveliev wrote:
> …
> Some time ago I posted about a side-result of the work on the VM
> migration 3.1⇒3.0 issue. Here is several slides[1] about the pyvfs
> library[2]. It is not a ready-to-use VDSM application, but some research
> work. It is not designed specifically for VDSM and can be used in any
> Python script.
> I hope, with the library we can create some features for VDSM, like
> file-based RPC or internal structures monitoring. Right now I use it to
> observe VM objects and monitor internal VM config representation.
> I would be glad to discuss it and can prepare a short presentation using
> VDSM as a sample.
> [1] slides: http://peet.spb.ru/pyvfs.pdf (53kB)
> [2] the code on github: https://github.com/svinota/pyvfs

This would be a fantastic debug resource for anyone supporting VDSM (/me
waves) but I would be worried about having it mounted rw if at all.

Maybe we could only allow users to mount this via a specific verb or
separate log collection tool (sosreport etc). Thoughts?


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