I've recently encountered more and more people not using the git-review tool 
and manually pushing their changes to Gerrit using raw git commands.
Even though there is nothing wrong with doing things the hard way. I prefer not 
using an overly complicated error prone way to interact with Gerrit.

Last I checked the version of git-review in Fedora is broken but I suggest 
using pip anyway as it is always synced with the master branch.

Also, please use topics. Either use a BZ# or a topic codename (eg. 
live_migration, vdsm_api, nfs4_support) so people can skim the review list for 
topics they might want to review.
Be careful, it automatically uses current the branch name (unless you use -t) 
so if you giving your branches funny names (I know I do) don't forget to 
manually specify a topic.

More information.

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