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> Subject: [vdsm] [VDSM][RFC]Switch of VDSM tarball compression format: tar.xz  
> only
> Hi, ALL.
> I have submitted a patch http://gerrit.ovirt.org/4174
> it is about "make compression type configurable, support gzip and xz"
> As I mentioned in message that vdsm requires "xz" for logrotate.
> So I think there is no need to support two kinds of compression
> format:
> xz and gzip.
> I have get some comments on this patch.
> It seems xz is better.
> XZ utils supports multi threading, and the compression ratio is
> better
> than gzip.
> And it is supports many platforms (see http://tukaani.org/xz/  , look
> for Supported platforms).
> Since xz gets higher compression efficiency and the logrotate has
> already required "xz"
> So how about to abandon gzip, only use xz?

The question can be why not use gzip and only gzip.

The SOURCES of vdsm is not something that gain much from either compression 
On BUILD machine it is better to have minimum requirement.

You are confusing between the RUNTIME machine and the BUILD machine if you 
consider the source tarball compression and the logrotate usage.

Anyway, to distribute source in multiple formats you only need to use the 
following options in Makefile.am:

And not use complex patch as you proposed.

This will produce both gz and xz tarballs, for developers to chose what to use.

It save 300K!!! does it worth it? I think no.

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