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Hi all,

In the latest version of pep8 checking tool, the rules are very strict.
Currently the VDSM project applies a less strict rule set by suppressing
some errors from pep8. You can find them at Makefile.am . Under the
"check-local:" target, you will see


I know some of us using editor plugins to check pep8 erros. Those
plugins invoke flake8/pep8 and report errors. To ignore some rules not
needed by VDSM in the editor, create a file in ~/.config/pep8 and input
the text as follow.



I am actually for being more strict than more relaxed. I don't see a point in saying we're following the PEP8 guidelines and then disabling them again. Where's the point in that?

It's maybe a pain to get us to a pep8 ready state, but I would prefer to see no exceptions (ignores).


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