I've just tagged v4.10.3 of vdsm. It has several interesting changes
since the previous release (some are detailed below), and I would like
to suggest it as a beta candidate for ovirt-3.2.

I know this happens quite behind schedule; my poor man's comfort is that
Engine is even behind vdsm...

v4.10.3 should work well on Fedora 18 (with some glitches regarding
NetworkManager and firewalld). Please report bug and problems to
Bugzilla and to this list. If you think your bug should block the
release of ovirt-3.2, mark it as such (Bug 881006 - (ovirt-3.2-release)
Tracker: oVirt 3.2 release)

- SSL session cache (the return of m2crypto)
- pep8 fixes
- blockSD bug fixes
- requiring mom
- storage and VM functional tests
- gluster cli xml output
- retire ifconfig (and net-tools) and other fixes to run on Fedora 18
- Remove REST bindings
- vmfex hook
- use default libvirt event handler impl
- network re-wiring of a running VM
- optional virt-console.

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