On Wed, Dec 12, 2012 at 02:01:31PM +0100, Vinzenz Feenstra wrote:
> Hi,
> When there is the attempt to enhance/change the current API, I would
> ask you to consider to think also about the vdsClient use case.
> I haven't read anything regarding that so far and therefore I just
> want you to think about it as well.
> My expectation is that the vdsClient will continue to use the RPC
> interfaces, however since it is part of the VDSM project I think it
> would be a good idea if there is a way for both vdsmd and vdsClient
> to share constants used for the API.
> That in turn also should simplify the maintenance of vdsClient.
> Currently I see the constants used by both being defined on both
> sides and I am pretty sure that this could be improved.
> See this as just a thought on the whole redesign talk, but I would
> like to see this kind of use cases to be covered. :-)

Yes, this is an excellent suggestion.  One thing I am thinking about doing is
generating a new python file with the enums defined in the schema.  This could
be included by all server-side code and by clients such as vdsClient.  If we
decide to add constants to the schema file, we could also place these into the
same generated python file.

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