On Wed, Dec 05, 2012 at 09:45:48AM -0500, Saggi Mizrahi wrote:
> I'm sorry but your email client messed up the formatting and I can't figure 
> out what are you comments.
> Could you please use text only emails.

It's funny to hear this form someone that uses top-posting with long

But that's not the reason of my confusion. I know very well that the
current task framework in vdsm is an over complicated mess. I believe
that there is only one living person that understands
http://wiki.ovirt.org/File:Vdsmtasks.jpg, and it is not me. However, I
do not know what you want to achieve in the future.

You detail what tasks are not going to give me: no persistence, no
cleanup, no synchronization. Do they give me a fake progress bar

When Engine requests to run a new VM, it calls the vmCreate verb, which
returns immediately. Engine then polls the VM until it leaves its
initial waitForLaunch state. I've daydreamed about changing this to
something more generic, using the task framework - but I do not see how
your new vision helps to achieve this.

Could you provide some guidance on your vision, with this use case in

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