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> Sent: Sunday, December 30, 2012 11:53:17 AM
> Subject: [vdsm] starting up vdsm and svdsm
> Currently, vdsm deamon script starts (respawn) vdsm process as vdsm
> user, and during that vdsm starts super vdsm process as root.
>   * when vdsm dies, svdsm process supposed to notice and exit by
>   itself.
>   * if svdsm dies, in the next proxy call by vdsm, vdsm supposed to
> start new svdsm instance after verifying that old instance is dead
> and
> call it.
> This is super vdsm and vdsm startup design in general.
> --
> In current implementation we have some edge cases that we need to
> handle:
>   * vsdm can try to communicate with old instance of svdsm.
>   * vdsm can kill wrong process that got last svdsm pid before
>   starting
> the new instance of svdsm.
>   * vdsm can try to communicate with svdsm before svdsm starts to
>   serve
> requests.
> And i guess there are many more possible senerios that can cause
> bugs..
> As it seems, it doesn't make sense that vdsm manages root process,
> and
> can kill it..
> What if svdsm will be the manager of vdsm:
>   * deamon script starts up svdsm instance instead of vdsm
>   * svdsm forks vdsm and changes its privilege (uid to vdsm)
>   * vdsm receives as parameter svdsm pid for sudo requests
>   * when vdsm dies, svdsm will start new instance of vdsm
>   automatically,
> and note the crash reason to syslog.
>   * svdsm starts with respawn, so when svdsm dies, vdsm dies also as
>   its
> son process, and another instance of svdsm will start automatically
> and
> start new instance of vdsm.
> Sounds like much correcter and easier to maintain design.

I am not sure I understand why these two services are related.

As far as I understand svdsm is a total stateless slave without any logic, to 
provide privilege escalation to vdsm.
Why does it need to be restarted if vdsm changes state?
I expect it to exist as a separate service (init.d/systemd) and vdsmd to depend 
on that service.

What am I missing?

> Also, svdsm can init whatever vdsm needs and is limited to do as a
> vdsm
> user (check log permissions, clean old temporary files and so on if
> needed..)
> Royce Lv has already started to work on such design here
> http://gerrit.ovirt.org/#/c/4145/
> I want to update it and push it forward.
> I would like to hear more opinions and point of views on this change,
> Thanks.
> --
> Yaniv Bronhaim.
> RedHat, Israel
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