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If you are the primary maintainer of a sub-project in oVirt, this
message is for you.

At the Weekly oVirt Meeting, the final devel freeze and beta dates were

Freeze:  2013-01-14
Beta Post: 2013-01-15

Action items:

* You project should create a new branch in gerrit for the release
* You should create a formal build of your project for the beta post
* Get the formal build of your project into the hands of someone who can
post it [1][2]

These should all be done by EOD on 2013-01-14 (with the exception of
ovirt-node-iso) [3]

Packages that this impacts:

      * mom
      * otopi
      * ovirt-engine
      * ovirt-engine-cli
      * ovirt-engine-sdk
      * ovirt-guest-agent
      * ovirt-host-deploy
      * ovirt-image-uploader
      * ovirt-iso-uploader
      * ovirt-log-collector
      * ovirt-node
      * ovirt-node-iso
      * vdsm


Mike Burns

[1] This is only necessary if the package is *not* already in fedora
repos (must be in actual fedora repos, not just updates-testing or koji)
[2] Communicate with mburns, mgoldboi, oschreib to deliver the packages
[3] ovirt-node-iso requires some of the other packages to be available
prior to creating the image.  This image will be created either on
2013-01-14 or 2013-01-15 and posted along with the rest of the Beta.

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