Speaking attendees (no particular order): Dustin, Saggi, Adam, Douglas,
Federico, Danken.

Issues raised:

- Saggi's amqp patches:
  - Saggi will resend first json_rpc patch with bug fixes
  - Adam will ack the series since it is sane and does not break
    anything useful.

- Saggi's old patches:
  - nothing is urgently waiting for review, stay idea for future

- FlowID is broken for storage-related bugs, and people are
  complaining. Douglas would take a look to please Haim and Co.

- gerrit routine (Deepack asked to mention this)
  It is sad to loose all the acks on a patch when you rebase something
  below it. But if there are no changes to the patch, Danken can copy
  the old score. Still it would be nice if the original reviewer does

- imperfact documentation (raised by ShaoHe Feng on list)
  - There is sphinx-based documentation in tree, but it is old and its
    build is broken. Time for someone to fix it. ShaoHe Feng, maybe? ;-)
  - tests/functions has examples of api usage, and it should have many

- Debian/Ubuntu support.
  - Adam raises the need to have it - we are all looking forward for
    participation of developers/packagers of new distributions.
  - This may mean the end of our easy life of requiring the latest
    Fedora package in order to consude a new feature or avoid a bug.
    We may need to discover installed version of a lib/exec during
    runtime, like libvirt does.

- ovirt-3.2 release:
  - no advancement in the NetworkManager front of last month
  - Fedora f18 branch should have code from the relatively-tested
    ovirt-3.2 branch, not from "master". Douglas would keep it this way.
  - Yeela and Vered should backport their F18 blocker bugs to the
    ovirt-3.2 branch, and ping Federico.
    (iscsi_id location and udevadm settle issues).
  - Ongoing discussion on running vdsm for el6 - thanks for everyone who
    is fixing bugs there (mostly dreyou) - but please let us join forces
    and make this work out-of-the-box.

See you again in two weeks!

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