Following are the notes that I've taking during the call.
I'm pretty sure that I'm missing something important, such as another blocker
BZ, so please reply with corrections/addtions.

- Adam: going to introduce Python binding for the new Vdsm API

- Sharad has joined our call for the first time. Welcome!
  Interested in backup/restore functionality in oVirt, to facilitate
  integration with TSM, presumably

- Federico warns that live snapshot is not enough, since we lack live
  merge. After a year of daily backups, each qcow chain would be 365
  hops deep.

- We should probably revert (integrate
  zombie reaper in supervdsmServer) as it tickles a bug in
  multiprocessing. See for
  more details in the thread starting in
  (thanks for raising the issue and finding the culprit, Dead Horse)

- Danken believes that all important el6-specific issues reported by dreyou are
  now handled in the master and ovirt-3.2 branches. Please report this list if
  he's wrong.

- Federico reports that udev is going to revert to its Fedora 18alpha
  behavior so that we can keep our integration with it. I'd love to see
  the udev BZ listed in our tracker
  as I do not recall it. Federico, could you add it? We should probably
  require a newer udev release.

- Federico reports that we must take a short-but-important patch from Lee

- Adam: a guy from IBM is now listing issues that block running Vdsm on
  Ubuntu.  Yay!
- Saggi suggests that IBM contribute an Ubuntu slave for Jenkins, so
  that each and every patch is tested not to introduce Ubuntu
  regressions - just as Red Hat has recently done with EL6.
- Danken: yes, we have got el6-based unit-testing running. If you are still
  getting an unjustified X, you may need to rebase on current master.
- Federico: NetworkManager 9 has bridge support, which leads the way to
  NM-based implementation of Vdsm's configNetwork.
- Danken: Toni is working on a suggestion for refactoring configNetwork
  in such a way that multiple implementations (e.g. ifcfg-based,
  NM-based) can coexist.  Stay stuned for his Wiki page on the subject.

Other refactoring going on:
- Vinzenz has begun breaking the horrible libvirtvm+vm to edible-size
  pieces. Reviews are most welcome, particularly from Mark Wu, whose only awaits verification tick.

Functional Testing:
- Adam: a guy from IBM (Zhou, I presume) is running the functional tests
  via Jenkins on his laptop. Yay!
- Adam: plans to add a functional test for the getVdsCaps verb, as he
  found out that an evil Vdsm developer has added values to the caps
  without updating the schema.

- P.S. FlowID is now in for storage verbs as well (thanks, Douglas). I
  hope Haim is happier now.

Happy coding!
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