Dear vdsm developers 
I'm Giuseppe I've recently pushed a little work I've done to improve
vdsm's sphinx documentation. I've moved doc structure to the
project root folder and updated references in the different *.rst files
used. The way the import statements are used in vdsm doesn't allow
sphinx to generate documentation especially when auto directives
are used, so to try out my change set, is important to update
the python path env variable by making it pointing also to the
vdsm python package. Unluckily the modules clientIf and vm still cause
troubles when sphinx wants to extract documentation (see import
error: from vdsm import vdscli).
More work needs to be done to clean up documentation, this is
just a starting point. In the commit messages I've linked
this bug ( cause I thought 
it was the most appropriate.

I do apologize for creating more commits than necessary.
I usually split my work in small chunks, but with gerrit it seems
that reviews are done on a per commit basis (I'm used to 
github's pull requests).

Cheers Giuseppe

Giuseppe Vallarelli

`All code is guilty until proven innocent.` (

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