Hi fellow oVirters!

The network team and a few others have toyed in the past with several important
changes like using open vSwitch, talking D-BUS to NM, making the network
non-persistent, etc.

It is with some of this changes in mind that we (special thanks go to Livnat
Peer, Dan Kenigsberg and Igor Lvovsky) have worked in a proposal for
a new architecture for vdsm's networking part. This proposal is intended to
make our software more adaptable to new components and use cases, eliminate
distro dependancies as much as possible and improve the responsiveness and
scalability of the networking operations.

To do so, it proposes an object oriented representation of the different
elements that come into play in our networking use cases.

But enough of introduction, please go to the feature page that we have put
together and help us with your feedback, questions proposals and extensions.


Best regards,

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