> Bridges: via the "brctl" cmdline tool. 

I was told that the canonical way to configure bridges in recent distros
is also ip(8):
# ip link add br0 type bridge
# ip link set eth0 master br0
# ip link set eth0 nomaster

(RHEL6 still has to rely on brctl, though)

> Alias 
>       * Users have shown interest in the likes of eth0:4. We should
>         find out if this is really required of oVirt.

If you consider ipfwadm support (Linux 2.0 feature also replaced in 2.2
with something else), go on.

net-tools only pretend to work (add ip to a device via ip(8) or direct
kernel cals and try to find corresponding alias for instance...) so we
shouldn't contribute to life support of them.


Antoni Segura Puimedon píše v Čt 07. 02. 2013 v 17:54 -0500:
> Hi fellow oVirters!
> The network team and a few others have toyed in the past with several 
> important
> changes like using open vSwitch, talking D-BUS to NM, making the network
> non-persistent, etc.
> It is with some of this changes in mind that we (special thanks go to Livnat
> Peer, Dan Kenigsberg and Igor Lvovsky) have worked in a proposal for
> a new architecture for vdsm's networking part. This proposal is intended to
> make our software more adaptable to new components and use cases, eliminate
> distro dependancies as much as possible and improve the responsiveness and
> scalability of the networking operations.
> To do so, it proposes an object oriented representation of the different
> elements that come into play in our networking use cases.
> But enough of introduction, please go to the feature page that we have put
> together and help us with your feedback, questions proposals and extensions.
> http://www.ovirt.org/Feature/NetworkReloaded
> Best regards,
> Toni
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