On Tue, Feb 12, 2013 at 02:40:51PM +0100, Peter V. Saveliev wrote:
> from the log also: see attachment
> -- 
> Peter V. Saveliev

> Thread-15::DEBUG::2013-02-08 12:43:28,873::BindingXMLRPC::926::vds::(wrapper) 
> client []::call vmMigrationCreate with ({'status': 'Up', 
> 'username': 'Unknown', 'macAddr': '00:00:00:00:00:01', 'nicModel
> ': 'rtl8139,pv', 'afterMigrationStatus': 'Up', 'displayIp': '0', 'vmId': 
> '593cc128-5c0b-495a-94e5-274c3f7ad5e1', 'vmName': 
> 'n593cc128-5c0b-495a-94e5-274c3f7ad5e1', 'devices': [{'device': 'memballoon', 
> 'specParam
> s': {'model': 'none'}, 'type': 'balloon'}, {'device': 'virtio-serial', 
> 'alias': 'virtio-serial0', 'type': 'controller', 'address': {'slot': '0x05', 
> 'bus': '0x00', 'domain': '0x0000', 'type': 'pci', 'function': '
> 0x0'}}, {'device': 'cirrus', 'specParams': {'vram': '65536'}, 'address': 
> {'slot': '0x02', 'bus': '0x00', 'domain': '0x0000', 'type': 'pci', 
> 'function': '0x0'}, 'type': 'video', 'alias': 'video0'}, {'nicModel': '
> rtl8139', 'macAddr': '00:00:00:00:00:01', 'linkActive': True, 'network': 
> 'rhevm', 'alias': 'net1', 'address': {'slot': '0x04', 'bus': '0x00', 
> 'domain': '0x0000', 'type': 'pci', 'function': '0x0'}, 'device': 'bri
> dge', 'type': 'interface', 'name': 'vnet1'}, {'nicModel': 'virtio', 
> 'macAddr': '00:00:00:00:00:01', 'linkActive': True, 'network': 'rhevm', 
> 'alias': 'net1', 'address': {'slot': '0x04', 'bus': '0x00', 'domain': '
> 0x0000', 'type': 'pci', 'function': '0x0'}, 'device': 'bridge', 'type': 
> 'interface', 'name': 'vnet1'}, 

Somehow you have two interfaces defined, both with the same macAddr
00:00:00:00:00:01 and network rhevm. This does not help much in
understanding the validation problem that you found in vdsm, but it may
help you.

> {'index': 2, 'iface': 'ide', 'name': 'hdc', 'format': 'raw', 'alias': 
> 'ide0-1-0', 'readonly': 'True', 'trues
> ize': 0, 'address': {'bus': '1', 'controller': '0', 'type': 'drive', 
> 'target': '0', 'unit': '0'}, 'device': 'cdrom', 'shared': False, 'path': '', 
> 'propagateErrors': 'off', 'type': 'disk'}, {'device': 'usb', 'ali
> as': 'usb0', 'type': 'controller', 'address': {'slot': '0x01', 'bus': '0x00', 
> 'domain': '0x0000', 'type': 'pci', 'function': '0x2'}}, {'device': 'ide', 
> 'alias': 'ide0', 'type': 'controller', 'address': {'slot': 
> '0x01', 'bus': '0x00', 'domain': '0x0000', 'type': 'pci', 'function': 
> '0x1'}}, {'device': 'bridge', 'alias': 'net0', 'type': 'interface', 
> 'address': {'slot': '0x03', 'bus': '0x00', 'domain': '0x0000', 'type': 'p
> ci', 'function': '0x0'}}, {'device': 'unix', 'alias': 'channel0', 'type': 
> 'channel', 'address': {'bus': '0', 'controller': '0', 'type': 
> 'virtio-serial', 'port': '1'}}, {'device': 'unix', 'alias': 'channel1', 'ty
> pe': 'channel', 'address': {'bus': '0', 'controller': '0', 'type': 
> 'virtio-serial', 'port': '2'}}], 'smp': '1', 'vmType': 'kvm', 'display': 
> 'vnc', 'displaySecurePort': '-1', '_srcDomXML': "<domain type='kvm' id=
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