Dave Neary hates them, but we had a phone conversation anyway. Here is
how it went.

- Adam has posted a patchset with the new Python vdsm client. Please
  review (danken thinks that Vinzenz would love to volunteer here).

- Danken would like to get us going with the repo re-org. Federico
  suggests to have two separate commits: one with `git mv` commands
  (documented in its comment D.K.) and another one with Makefile fixes.
  This way we can continue to work on other stuff while discussing the

  Saggi was offline, and nobody protested the suggestion to have code
  that is shared between the client and the server, at least for now.

- Adam reported a nice success story: he managed to change mom's policy
  to ksm + autoballoon, without a glitch to vdsm proper.

- Everybody (Adam, Yaniv Bronheim, Federico) complained about the
  awkward supervdsm startup, and agreed to press on with a sane "start
  as root, fork, drop privileges" pattern. Lv Royce and Yaniv are on top
  of this.

- Danken tried to tell a joke over the phone, about Douglas sitting
  across the equator. It did not work. It never does.

It was nice to hear from you all, see you soon!
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