On 02/28/2013 06:51 PM, Doron Fediuck wrote:
thoughts on how to trim these?
(in openstack gerrit they auto-abandon patches with no activity for a
couple of weeks - author can revive them back when they are relevant)

Review day? Anyone thinks a monthly review day will

Yes, definitely a review day (announced beforehand) would help - another thing which would help in general is a page where you can see the oldest unreviewed patches.

Also, I would love to see us have some social way that people can start reviewing patches when they join the project - there's no better way to understand the project. The best way to lower the number of unreviewed patches is to have more reviewers.

Also - as someone not that familiar with Gerrit, what's involved in picking up someone's patch and revising it for them? A pattern I see over & over again is:

Jane submits patch
Alex reviews: -1 with suggestions for improvements
Jane submits patch rev #2
Barry reviews: -1 (whitespace issues)
Jane submits patch #3
Hoda reviews: -1 with suggestions for another approach
Jane loses interest and patch remains *almost* ready forever until it no longer applies or gets dropped.

Is there a way we can promote "adopt a patch" where you take someone else's patch and push it through review?


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