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>> can we shutdown the ec2 instance for now?
> not yet, me & quaid should change the dns 1st (tomorrow)? 
> and then we can do it.

If the host thinks it's already jenkins.ovirt.org, then we can just do
the DNS switch "soonest". Do we need to coordinate more closely on
timing? Otherwise I can just file the ticket. (I'll wait for your word
before picking a time.)

>> do we have more horsepower to start running say engine findbugs on
>> gerrit patches?
> not really, since we're still using the same ec2 slaves.
> (unless we'll run it on the master, but that's not recommended in terms of 
> security)
> once we'll have ovirt instance running with vms, i imagine we can. 
> hopefully we'll have it running soon (either on alterway02 or on the 
> rackspace servers)

I was supposed to be working RackSpace servers today, but I got caught
up in being a bit sick and post-travel. But the plan is to load F18 +
the oVirt all-in-one on rax01.

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