Hey Shu,
Personally when I run specific unit test I prefer to run it without installing 
vdsm package, means locally from my development directory.
I develop on my major machine and install the package on testing environments 
for verification, so during the development if I write some uts, I want to be 
able to run them fast and easy and continue. Using installed vdsm is more for 
functional tests in my opinion.

By the way, currently the tests can run both in installed and uninstalled 
environment.. and I agree about the trickiness of hackVDSM

Maybe running only after install is better practice but I'm not sure, we need 
more opinions about that issue..

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Now, The VDSM test unit is expected to run in a un-installed enviornment
and use hackVDSM() to fake modules importing. hackVDSM() is pretty
tricky for other modules to be added because of the dependency order. I
would propose to run the VDSM unit tests in a installed VDSM path which
is the same path as other VDSM runnable binaries. By this way, we can
abandon hackVDSM() and run the unit test normally. On the other hand,
the VDSM building script installs the VDSM files to <home>/builder by
default, it is reasonable to start the VDSM unit test after all parts of
the building script finishes. Any comments about this idea?

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