I never used the autobuilder.sh script so i never really saw or used the 
~/builder directory.. how does running the tests from there supposed to work? 
how does it help to omit the hack? and how does the re-organization effect here?

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on 03/11/2013 14:56, Yaniv Bronheim wrote:
> Hey Shu,
> Personally when I run specific unit test I prefer to run it without 
> installing vdsm package, means locally from my development directory.
> I develop on my major machine and install the package on testing environments 
> for verification, so during the development if I write some uts, I want to be 
> able to run them fast and easy and continue. Using installed vdsm is more for 
> functional tests in my opinion.
> By the way, currently the tests can run both in installed and uninstalled 
> environment.. and I agree about the trickiness of hackVDSM
> Maybe running only after install is better practice but I'm not sure, we need 
> more opinions about that issue..
Hi Yaniv. I agree with you on running tests fast and easy. I also think 
make install to ~/builder is fast and easy enough for me. I can accept 
run unit test in ~/builder and we can create script to automate this 
process. Before the git repo re-organization is ready, we can get rid of 
hackVDSM by running tests in ~/builder.

Thanks and best regards!

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