Hi fellow vdsm devs,

Here are the meeting minutes for this week's sync call:

Douglas: F19 package building broke due to the fence-agents package changing
         its name to fence-agents-all. It was fixed today by:
         you can see the fixed build at:

Adam Litke: Joined the call but did not have update to share this week.

Federico: Vinzenz patch was merged and it is going to continue with further
          reorganization. In upcoming meetings (hopefully next week) it is to
          be decided how the distribution specific part of the repository, e.g.,
          the udev rules for lvm, are going to be handled.

Antoni: Update on the optimizations (25% improvement on NetInfo instantiation
        and a bigger improvement to network information polling from libvirt).
        Network reloaded is being split into smaller and more digestible
        patches that should leave us with a working example configuration based
        on ifcfg.

Looking forward to next meeting,

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