hi, Yaniv Bronheim:
i have read your new code of supervdsmserver, i think it is fine,please let us 
confirm two questions
1.supervdsm.py will kill serive when relanuch, who respond to start service 
  i suggest "let supervdsmd.init take care of its start and stop"   is a normal 
2.line 398 in supervdsmServer.py.i suggest to give  double checks on processID. 
like this:
   if (os.getpid() == pid in PIDFILE):
   if os.path.exists(address):
     error,another supervdsmServer.py is alive.

At 2013-04-28 16:55:04,"Yaniv Bronheim" <ybron...@redhat.com> wrote:
>Hey bigclouds,
>Supervdsm allows vdsm to run root commands, like mount, dmidecode, lsblk, scan 
>folders that are unprivileged for vdsm user, and more. Due to this method we 
>avoid executing root commands using execv with sudo, that way we don't create 
>subprocess for each operation.
>We have to have supervdsm as external deamon, as it runs as different user 
>(root, vdsm runs as user vdsm). Supervdsm deamon doesn't related to libvirt or 
>uses libvirt at all, most of supervdsm functionality is used by vdsm in 
>different flows. you can check supervdsm API in supervdsmServer.py and see 
>where we call it.
>We need to have only one instance of supervdsm with a socket file under 
>/var/run/vdsm/ , supervdsm creates this file and vdsm communicate with it. 
>Due to your netstat output, most of the time you should have 2 or 3 entries 
>unix  2      [ ACC ]     STREAM     LISTENING     18895145 
>unix  2      [ ]         STREAM     CONNECTED     18895172 
>unix  3      [ ]         STREAM     CONNECTED     18895158 
>(multiprocessing package implementation, you can check there)
>might be that other subprocesses or subthreads also hold a request to 
>svdsm.sock at the time you checked, 
>I don't understand the reason for /var/run/mcvda folder at all.. maybe you 
>changed something in the configuration? is it always appear? what else do you 
>have under this folder?
>Normal run shouldn't have more entries as far as I checked.
>In addition, I'm working on making supervdsm external service, you can take a 
>look and maybe help me with review :)
>Yaniv Bronhaim.
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>> Subject: [Users] questions about vdsm supervdsmserver
>> hi,all.
>> i have 2 questions about supervdsmserver,
>> 1.why it is created separately as a daemon?
>> its many function have never been used, and its function can be done by
>> calling libvirt directly, why supervdsmserver is need?
>> 2.it seems that only one supervdsmserver should be exist, by killing old ones
>> to assure that . but look at this, and please explain to me.
>> unix 2 [ ACC ] STREAM LISTENING 1339963 4968/python /var/run/vdsm/svdsm.sock
>> unix 2 [ ACC ] STREAM LISTENING 384165 39716/python &nb sp;
>> /var/run/vdsm/svdsm.sock
>> unix 2 [ ACC ] STREAM LISTENING 1100509 49487/python /var/run/vdsm/svdsm.sock
>> unix 2 [ ACC ] STREAM LISTENING 1326232 3813/python /var/run/mcvda/svdsm.sock
>> unix 3 [ ] STREAM CONNECTED 1448193 4968/python /var/run/mcvda/svdsm.sock
>> unix 3 [ ] STREAM CONNECTED 1447937 4968/python /var /run/mcvda/svdsm.sock
>> unix 3 [ ] STREAM CONNECTED 1424959 4968/python /var/run/mcvda/svdsm.sock
>> unix 3 [ ] STREAM CONNECTED 1414835 4968/python /var/run/mcvda/svdsm.sock
>> unix 3 [ ] STREAM CONNECTED 1327873 3813/python /var/run/mcvda/svdsm.sock
>> unix 2 [ ] STREAM CONNECTED 1309612 49487/python & nbsp;
>> /var/run/mcvda/svdsm.sock
>> unix 3 [ ] STREAM CONNECTED 384221 39716/python /var/run/mcvda/svdsm.sock
>> thanks
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