VDSM sync meeting May 20th 2013

## Build cleaning
- Yaniv patch to take cpopen on its own rpm was merged.
- We have to continue to move binary parts in their own packages.

## Refactorings
- Vinzenz's vm.py and libvirtvm.py needs more testing resources to verify that
  the refactoring works well for merging.
  It is proposed to him to use jenkins jobs for it (although it is only for
  downstream, which might be an issue right now).
- Yaniv's supervdsm split out has been +1ed by Mark Wu but it has not been yet

## Feature and release management
- Reminder to Federico about the update to release management that should
  include all the features for 3.3.

## Network refactoring
- Mark submitted patches on top of Toni's for network reloaded that improve
  the modeling. Reviews ongoing.

## API
- Adam to take a review some work that has been going on with the schema.
- Saggi's java bindings were submitted for review last week.
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