A preliminary version on the Java bindings is up on gerrit ready for review. 
It's been
up for a while now but I noticed I forgot to notify the list.

It currently only supports the TCP transport as the Java implementation of
Proton gave me a lot of grief and I wanted to release things ASAP. Also, 
receiving unions
is still a bit problematic. The will always arrive as the base form of the union
since detection of the concrete type is not implemented yet. I also don't like 
how unions
works ATM and would like to come up with a system that makes them more easily 

You can review the code here

An example project showing how to set up a Java project and connect to a VDSM 

I would like to have more feedback about how the interface is exported and 
Getting the interface right is much more important to me at the moment than 
tweaks and corner cases.
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