As you can see in a previous patch set I checked if the alias attribute exists 
instead of assuming it exists.
I then changed my mind with Dan's blessing, and decided to assume it does 
exist, exactly for cases like this.
Even if we check if the alias exists, what do we do if we find out it doesn't? 
We're at a problem and need to understand why the alias doesn't exist because 
it should - For all devices.

We definitely need to deal with this issue - Can you provide the domxml of the 
VM during creation, and during migration?

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On May 22, 2013, at 10:14 , Vinzenz Feenstra <> wrote:

> Hi,
> During the verification of the refactoring in VDSM (libvirtvm + vm == vm) we 
> have encountered some issue.
> There seems to be a regression on master branch regarding device aliases.
> On the target machine _updateDevicesDomxmlCache accesses dev.alias without 
> the attribute being present.
> This happens to happen at least on balloon devices.
> I am not sure why we do have this, however it is reproducible and I am not 
> sure why we do this now.
> I know it has been introduced by and it's 
> actually in the commit message that we'd fail.
:-) you mean:
* We now crash horribly if an alias was not found for a device
when updating devices domxml cache after migrating

> Which is the case... So can somebody please enlighten me and tell me if this 
> is a configuration issue of the VM or if this really a regression.
not all devices have alias so I think this is indeed a regression

> It's possible that the tests aren't properly configured, however that would 
> from my understanding mean that we potentially will run into troubles during 
> migrations from 3.2 -> 3.3 vdsm.
> PS:
> This kind of blocks a bit the refactoring verification :/
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