on 05/28/2013 17:26, Yaniv Bronheim wrote:
> Hey,
> I think that libvirt_configure part can be an external module (maybe python 
> module) that can be initiated by vdsm-tool,
> It should work with template or conf.default as you mentioned, and we should 
> call it before starting the service, I think it should be a module as it also 
> should include all the part of libvirtd_sysv2upstart, libvirtd_reconfigure, 
> libvirtd_configure, test_conflicting_conf scripts.
> Also, keep in mind that we plan to split vdsm to 2 services - one for vdsmd 
> and one for supervdsmd, both should be initiated at startup and should be 
> depended on eachother (http://gerrit.ovirt.org/#/c/11051/).

Yes. After supervdsm starts as service, we can add dependency
declarations easily. It's not conflicting with refactoring vdsm init
script. I can help to review the supervdsm patch to make it done faster.

> The other parts that you want to take out of vdsmd script are:
> shutdown-conflict-srv - could be also as part of the tool
> nwfliter, dummybr - both python scripts that we run, why not part of the tool 
> as well?
> start_needed_srv, load-needed-modules - only sysv and debian need it if I 
> understand correctly. systemd,upstat,openrc can use their init script 
> parameters. so why take them out? in each start function we'll start and load 
> the needed services and modules. systemd,upstat,openrc don't need custom 
> start function anyway.

The Debian ships with /lib/lsb/init-functions, and Red Hat family (such
as CentOS, RHEL6) ship with /etc/init.d/functions. To print the error
message and daemonize the service process, we call different utility
functions in different system thought they are all SysV. The service
script boilerplate in Debian is different from Red Hat family as well.
So we want provide dedicated init script for respective systems. To
re-use start_needed_srv and load-needed-modules in different SysV init
scripts, I move them out.

> gencerts, syslog_available, tune_system, test_space_and_lo, prepare_dirs - 
> can be scripts that we run before start as you did.
> Regards,
> Yaniv Bronhaim.

I agree some of the initialize operations can be moved to vdsm-tool. I
think we can do this in future patch after we port VDSM init script to
Ubuntu. I'd prefer start small, not to do all the things in one batch.
Once we have VDSM run on Ubuntu, we can improve it step by step.
Thanks and best regards!

Zhou Zheng Sheng / 周征晟
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