vdsm sync meeting June 3rd 2013

There was a big problem with 3.2 branch that could potentially affect data
integrity. The major issue has been fixed. A patch form Eduardo is the one that
is directed to solving the issue. Reviews requested (Vinzenz and Federico) for
master and the 3.2 branch.

libvirtvm.py was merged into vm.py. Further refactoring is needed:
    1.- Move the configuration related code to a separated class. VMConf.
    2.- XML generation split out as well.
    3.- Device classes should be moved out. Probably all of them in a separate
    4.- To be done after the current guest-agent work.

Vinzenz requests comments for:
5 new verbs to minimize the traffic.

Yaniv's supervdsm as a separate service has been merged. vdsmd assumes
supervdsm to be running. It may introduce some regressions. Testing of this is
encouraged to help with stabilization.

Reviews requested for Zhou Zheng Ubuntu compatibility patches.

Unified persistance design discussed by Mark, Dan and Toni. Mark Wu did an
iproute2 configurator and delNetwork refactoring patches that need more review
from Toni and Dan.

Multiple gateways need some reviewing and discussion on arch list. Toni
proposes some irc discussion on #vdsm at freenode about the integration with
the current networking code.

Saggi working on SSL support for AMQP. Some patches waiting verification in
order for Dan to merge them.

oVirt 3.3 feature freeze was delayed one month to July 1st.
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