As is known to all, sanlock can manage and protect the meta-data which
would be modified one by one.

Sanlock can be used as the cluster lock with the ids file and lease file.
Paxos lease ensures the consistence between all the nodes.

In the condition of modifying LVM meta-data(create, delete, extend, and
etc) , the sanlock acquire function would be called to lock the block(LUN).
Once the operation finished, we could call the sanlock release function to
unlock the block.In this case, we could no longer maintain the two
modules(mailbox and SPM).

I think that it would be simplify the realization of VDSM. Does anyone
consider this question?

If we just used the sanlock as the cluster lock, could be the frequent
usage of lock(or aquire) and unlock(or release) a performance bottleneck of

Appreciate for your repy, thank you
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