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> Hello all,
> We would like to make some changes to the vdsm project.
> 1. We would like to see this [1] merged. We should start acting
> like a normal open source project and upstream should not be distro oriented
> !

Let's sort things out here a little.
Just to make sure I understand what we're talking about, are you suggesting 
that the 'normal' way of working is to create a version *before* there is a 
single line of code relevant to this version? If so, please explain what other 
projects (outside of ovirt) work this way.
iiuc libvirt (for example) doesn't work this way.
This question was also asked and ignored on the patch so let's assert that this 
is the way other projects actually work first before defining it as 'normal'.

In addition, the patch introduces all kinds of changes so I'm not sure which of 
these are what interest you and which are just getting in the way of reaching 
an agreement.
So if you want to push this forward then please:
1. explain the logic behind the naming convention
2. assert that this is 'normal' and not us inventing new methods here that are 
not actually accepted elsewhere.
3. split this part of the patch from the rest to be able to address each issue 

> 2. We would like to see a normal branches behavior. There are a lot of
> examples in [1]. (I can help with usptream releases)
> 3. I would like to use a new naming convention for builds:
>    vdsm-<upstream-tarball>-<downstream version>
>    For example:
>    vdsm-4.11.0-0.1_master
>    ...
>    ...
>    ...
>    vdsm-4.11.0-0.15_beta1
>    vdsm-4.11.0-0.16_beta2
>    ...
>    ...
>    ...
>    vdsm-4.11.0-0.17_rc1 <- could be shipped as GA as well
>    vdsm is shipped
>    vdsm-4.11.0-1 <- first z-stream build
>    vdsm-4.11.0-2 <- second z-stream build
>    etc.
> 4. Currently we have some projects that were moved to this style. And it very
> easy to maintain the releases.
> Projects that were moved:
> ovirt-log-collector
> ovirt-iso-uploader
> ovirt-image-uploader
> otopi
> ovirt-host-deploy
> ovirt-engine
> vdsm ?  <- we would like to see it here as well !
> [1] http://gerrit.ovirt.org/#/c/12448/
> - Kiril
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