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On 07/02/2013 09:17 PM, Alon Bar-Lev wrote:
>> From: "Federico Simoncelli" <fsimo...@redhat.com>
>>> From: "Kiril Nesenko" <ki...@redhat.com>
>>> 1. We would like to see this [1] merged. We should start acting
>>> like a normal open source project and upstream should not be distro
>>> oriented
>>> !
>>> [1] http://gerrit.ovirt.org/#/c/12448/
>> [1] is unrelated to being open source or being distro oriented.

I agree with Federico - this is a distinct issue. If the patch were
removing a dependency on the way a certain distro did something, then
the comment would be correct.

>> Just to summarize the patch [1], beside the technical details, it all comes
>> down to change the release cycle bumping the version at the beginning of the
>> development cycle.
>> This might be common in java projects (and their tailored build systems
>> as maven) but it's rather unconventional in python and in any other open
>> source project that vdsm is relying upon, e.g. libvirt, qemu, etc.
>> Bumping the version early (at the beginning of the development cycle)
>> means that you are generating tarballs/rpms/debs/etc... advertising a version
>> that is not released/finalized or complete (e.g. missing APIs).
> Which is perfectly ok, as you do work toward this version and you release 
> tarballs/rpms/debs with pre-release signature.

Release version naming is, mostly, not that big a deal. The important
thing is the management of user expectations.

- You don't want people to think that they're getting stable software
when installing a 4.10.3-alpha package (or whatever)
- You don't want people pulling the 4.10 branch to be under the
impression that they are getting a stable release branch if in fact they
are getting a development branch

I think the version numbering/naming is less important than branch
naming in this situation. The development should happen on feature
branches, merged into master. Branches should only be created for a
release when it is in pre-release stabilisation (so, after feature & API


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