We have to implement a feature, migration progress bar in the UI. This migration bar should reflect not only the progress, but if the migration is stalled and so on.


* Get the information from libvirt: it provides job progress in the same way for all migration-like jobs: migration, suspend, snapshot
* Feed this information to the engine
* Reflect it in the UI

API status

Libvirt info is OK — it is available for any migration-like job, be it migration, suspend or snapshot.

In VDSM, we have an API call, a separate verb to report the migration progress: migrateStatus()

But also we have getVmList() call, polled by the engine every several seconds.


We would propose to provide an optional field, `migrateStatus`, in the report sent by getVmList(). This approach should save a good amount of traffic and ease the engine side logic.

Having the separate verb, this can sound weird, but I'm sure that the optimisation worth it.

Please, read the patchset [1] and discuss it here.


[1] http://gerrit.ovirt.org/#/c/15125/
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