We are adding features such as server offloaded cloning, snapshot of
the files(ie VM disks) and zeroed vm disk allocation in GlusterFS. As of
now only BD xlator supports offloaded cloning & snapshot. Server
offloaded zeroing of VM disks is supported both by posix and BD xlator.
The initial approach is to use xattr interface to trigger this offload
features such as 
# setfattr -n "clone" -v "path-to-new-clone-file" path-to-source-file
will create clone of path-to-source-file in path-to-new-clone-file.
Cloning is done in GlusterFS server side and its kind of server
offloaded copy. Similarly snapshot can also be taken using setfattr approach.

GlusterFS storage domain is already part of VDSM and we want to exploit
offload features provided by GlusterFS through VDSM. Is there any way to
exploit these features from VDSM as of now?

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