Dear maintainers,

As you probably know, we're heading towards the 3.3 release of ovirt.
I'd like to get a short status about your project, and it's readiness for the 
upcoming release.
If your project is blocker free, please let me know of the relevant build to 
pick up into the RC repo.

Current known blockers (as in - Tracker: oVirt 3.3 

984586  ovirt-engine-backend    infra           Cannot start a VM with USB 
Native - Exit message: internal error Could not format channel target type.
988299  ovirt-engine-core       gluster         Impossible to start VM from 
Gluster Storage Domain
987939  ovirt-engine-installer  integration     engine-setup -> engine-cleanup 
-> engine-setup -> fails

988004  vdsm                   network      [vdsm] OSError: [Errno 2] No such 
file or directory: '/sys/class/net/ovirtmgmt/brif'
988065  vdsm                   virt         Migration fails - AttributeError: 
'ConsoleDevice' object has no attribute 'alias'
988397  vdsm                   network      ovirt-node post-installation setup 
networks fails when NetworkManager is running
988990  vdsm                   network      oVirt 3.3 - (vdsm-network): netinfo 
- ValueError: unknown bridge ens3
990854  vdsm                   network      Multiple Gateways: Upgrade VDSM to 
3.3 must reconfigure networking on host
990963  vdsm                                vdsm must require 

988986 ovirt-node                           libvirt network directory is not 

990509 selinux-policy                       Current selinux policy prevents 
running a VM with volumes under /var/run/vdsm/storage


Ofer Schreiber
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