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vdsClient -s 0 setupNetworks 

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Sent: Thursday, August 22, 2013 9:44:06 AM
Subject: [vdsm] vdsClient networking (addNetwork with existing bond)

I'm trying to fix which in short is
failing to create bridge specifying a bond interface as nic using vdsClient.

The failing command line is:

'/usr/bin/vdsClient', '-s', 'localhost', 'addNetwork', 'bridge=rhevm', 'vlan=', 
'nics=bond2', 'force=False', 'bridged=True', 'BOOTPROTO=dhcp', 'ONBOOT=yes', 

I suppose that 'nics=bond2' and 'bond=' are wrong.
I'm searching for a man page or something like that for understanding how to 
prepare the command line without success. is outdated and says anything about networking.

I've seen in that using a bond should be 
supported but for the supported topologies
there are no command line examples.


bridge1 ----------- bond --- nic1
                         -- nic2

I suppose that the command line should have 'bond=bond' 'nics=nic1,nic2' is 
this right?
If the bond already exists is it enough specifying 'bond=bond', 'nics=' ?

Sandro Bonazzola
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